Current work:


The travel diary series

[Coming Soon]

Having travelled quite a lot around the world, I have recently been going through my old travel diaries to find highlights and funny stories.



the food series

As a child, I was diagnosed with coeliac disease. At the time, there was very little knowledge about the disease and what it meant for my diet and my health. Having lived with this for over 13 years, I want to use this section to talk about how I manage my diet, why people need to take gluten allergies seriously and how I find easy fixes to manage a glutenous world.



short stories

I read a lot, and I like to this of myself as a writer but always face that dreading moment of asking myself:“am I though?” Hopefully this section will force me to actually commit some words to the page and own it.

Exhibition proposals

The Body and the City is a photography exhibition I curated whilst studying a Masters of Art Curatorship.

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